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About us

We're just a bunch of locals that love Axminster.

What's In Axminster is a community led project that aims to capture Axminster's spirit and charm for the benefit of its locals and those who want to visit. We have curated a complete list of every business, community group and event that is based in our town to make navigating the town quicker and easier.

Along our journey of curating this site, we have lived every day discovering more and more about everything that is in Axminster. We have made friends and learned the town's past and stories. We have captured new sights and seen everyday scenes at new angles. We know first hand that Axminster is a town like no other. There is the small town spirit you see in the films, the friendly faces and unforgettable experiences. Axminster is a town that will always make your day.

Meet the Team

This project would not be possible without our team of local talented volunteer developers, writers and photographers. Find out more about them below.

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