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Harry Potter Theme Day July 2024

Watch as Axminster is taken over by magic!

Our own local family owned business Swish and Flick is hosting another Harry Potter Theme Day involving the whole community. This day is about magic and coming together, letting you explore Axminster like it's straight from the pages of a book. 

27th July 2024

Harry Potter Town Trail

Solve magical mysteries and experience Axminster like you never have before. Dress up and complete this Harry Potter scavenger hunt for the chance to win prizes. As you complete your search, take the opportunity to find new favourite shops and try themed food and drink from our creative and wonderful independent businesses.

27th and 28th July 2024

Harry Potter Quiz Night

So, you think you know everything about Harry Potter? Put that knowledge to the test in the Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz. A collaboration between the locally owned Swish and Flick and The George Hotel, this quiz is sure to be a magical evening. Limited spaces available.

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Support Local Businesses

More than anything, this event is about celebrating our independent businesses. Before you make your trip via broomstick or floo powder, take a look at all the brilliant local businesses we have in town.

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