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Shedding is a phenomenon that has resulted in more than 600 groups being formed across the UK. While many groups use the title ‘Men’s Shed’, the reality is that they are usually inclusive of men and women, and there are no age barriers. In our case, we are very firmly a ‘Community Shed’.


Members are often people in retirement who enjoy some company, welcome a chat and are happy to put some of their spare energy into doing stuff that benefits their local communities. In some cases, it’s a process that can help to overcome loneliness and boost well-being. Membership is just £20 a year, with a £2 donation per attendance for refreshments.

Axminster Community Shed

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    Axminster Community Shed 

    4 St George’s 

    Chard Street 

    Axminster EX13 5DL 




    phone: 07934 978405

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